The Other Reformation

The 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation begins soon.  And I am reminded of the other Reformation that is upon us.  Reform is taking  place about mental health  and  de-stigmatization of suicide prevention in the  ELCA which has taken many steps to advance a new age for those who struggle with lost hope.

  • the social message on suicide prevention in 1999, the 2012 Church wide resolution to put suicide prevention/mental health on the forefront of its efforts,
  • the 2016 Church wide resolution to use the Washington advocacy office to support increased funding,
  • the support for Lutheran Suicide Prevention Ministry (
  • and recently the production of Bishop Eaton’s video talking about the need for suicide prevention, (

Let ELCA and Lutheran Suicide Prevention Ministry lead all churches into this new reformation that will define the future of mental health just as Martin Luther did for the future of church communities!

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