Resources for Congregations

The links on this page provide worship resources as well as educational opportunities for congregations in becoming suicide prevention aware.
Congregations can also take advantage of the SPM model program, found here.


Our friends at United Church of Christ offer this comprehensive resource for a mental health themed worship service. Sermon starters are also offered here as part of our model program.


This website is a comprehensive list of resources, websites, DVD’s, toolkits, programs, etc.  Mental Health Ministries also collaborates with other faith based groups to provide resources to help erase the stigma of mental illness in our faith communities.


Pathways was founded by fourteen faith groups and mental health organizations to facilitate the faith community’s work in reaching out to those with mental illnesses and their families.

Sample Prayers

Holy God,

As we gather this day to remember those who have been lost to us through suicide, we lay before you the hopelessness and despair of all those who lost the joy and meaning of life; who could not bear to face another day; who suffered the anguish of inner darkness, and whose illness led to self-destruction and death. Helps us to commend them to your eternal care.

Holy God,

We hold before you all those who have attempted or contemplated suicide. Grant them the peace in the midst of pervasive despair and self-doubt; restore to them joy in their daily struggle with the storms of life. Empower us to mobilize community, state and national resources that give them hope to continue and courage to begin again.

Holy God,

We hold before you all survivors, those who suffer the emptiness and loss through the suicide of someone close to them. Receive in your loving embrace the endless pain, the endless questions and unfinished conversations, the guilt and overwhelming grief, strengthen us to tell the story and grant us ears and open hearts to hear the stories of others.

Bless all who gather this day that your peace and comfort may dwell in each one. Amen.