Our Mission

To call on faith communities and equip them to reduce stigma, promote awareness, and provide training and resources to prevent suicide, and to help those who struggle with mental illness, their family, and their friends.

A Message from ELCA Bishop Eaton

Our Ministry

Our Mission: Awareness. Education. Collaboration. Advocacy.
Our Vision: Reduce suicidal despair. Zero suicides.

Our mission is inclusive and interfaith. Our goal is zero suicides for all peoples, no matter their beliefs.
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Our Latest Posts

PREMIERING TONIGHT and On Demand: New documentary by PBS on the science of suicide and suicide prevention! Please watch!

Suicide prevention week kickoff.

Suicide Prevention Ministry

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide affects our members and congregations, and it's our call to help bear one another's burdens. For resources, visit See More

Interested in learning more about prevention of suicide and how to find help for yourself or others? Join us on a Zoom call on Thursday, See More

About Our Banner

The symbol on the left stands for our outreach to all people and faith-based communities dedicated to offering hope to those who have lost hope.  It is the logo on all our communications.

The purple and teal ribbon symbolizes our founding roots and on-going collaboration with the larger suicide prevention movement across the US and the world.